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What am I allowed to do?

Can I install fireplace in my apartment?

Yes. As long as you live in a top- or end apartment you can install a fireplace. You will have to send a request to the board first before starting. There will be an extra cost to pipe sweeper that will be paid through the common expenses.
Can I change my mailbox?
No. All mailboxes are to be the same. Remember to mark your mailbox with with your name.
Can I have other animals than cat/dog and birds?
Yes, but you can not have reptiles. Aquarium and hamster is OK. You are obligated to familiarise yourself with the rules of animals in Eikeberget You will find a link in the bottom of this page. The form (in the bottom) must be sent in to the board if you have cats or dogs.
In any doubts, contact the board.
Can I arrange a party?
Feel free to have a party, but you still have to follow the rules of order when it comes to peace and order, even though you have informed your neighbors up front.
Can I pay my share of the common debt?
This is up the general assembly to decide. You can not pay your share with out the consent of the general assembly. We do not recommend it though. Eikeberget do not have a high dept.
Can I rent my apartment to others?
Yes. You have to send a request to the board. You can only rent it for 3 years.
Am I allowed to do carwash?
Can I repair my car in Eikebergets aeras?
Yes, but only minor repairs, like changing tires, wipers etc.
Do I have to have a contents insurance?
Yes you do. The Housing association is responsible for the building.
Am I obligated to participate in voluntary work?
Can I choose the electric supplyer my self?
Yes, as long as you have your own power meter.

Can i change the color for my unit?
No. The color was chosen in the general assembly:
Color code for paneling (wood): Jotun Optimal 1145-5903-Y38R Band Stone
Color code for cement/stone: Jotun 9933 Stenvegg

Is it allowed to use barbeque on the balcony?
Yes, as long as you have a fire extinguisher nearby.
Can I install extra glass on my balcony?
Yes, you are allowed to install two extra set of glass frames in the extension of the original glassframes.
Who have to cover damages to my balcony?
The housing association is obligated to cover the cost due to damages to your balcony. However you are obligated yourself to make sure that the drains dousn´t get clogged.