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Rules of order


  1. Purpose and scope
    The rules of order exist to maintain peace and order in the housing association, and to ensure a good living environment by everyone taking each other into account.

    The rules of order apply to everyone who stays in the housing association. The unit owners are responsible for complying with the rules, and for any members of their own household, visitors and tenants to be made aware of and comply with them.

    If the housing company has special rules for parking, handling technical equipment, cleaning or other things, these are to be considered part of the rules of order.
  2. Activities and noise level
    The residents of the housing association are encouraged to limit all activities that may disturb the neighbours. There must be peace in the housing association between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. During this time, no loud music should be played or any other activity carried out that disturbs the night's sleep, or otherwise disturbs the surroundings. On special occasions, which cause extra noise after 11:00 p.m., residents in adjacent homes are notified in good time.

    In the event of moving in, modernization or repairs to the home that involve knocking, drilling, grinding, sawing etc., neighbors are notified, and it is permitted during the period:
    On weekdays from 07:00 to 20:00.
    Saturdays at 10:00–18:00.
  3. Use of the home and any associated areas
    Residents must ensure:
  • That the home is sufficiently heated in the event of absence, moving or the like in the cold season so that water/drainage pipes are not frost damaged, that exhaust valves in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are kept open to avoid condensation damage and mold formation in the home.
  • To act responsibly with fire and heat, so that no fire occurs in the housing association.
  • Immediately report to the board if bed bugs, cockroaches or the like are discovered in the home. The unit owner must ensure disinfection at his own expense.
  • That shaking of clothes, carpet beating and the like from the balcony or through windows does not occur.
  • That the balcony is not used as a storage space for rubbish, furniture or the like, and the resident is also responsible for removing snow and ice from it.
  • The grates (sluices) on the balconies must be kept clean of dirt at all times so that stormwater does not enter the home. Damages caused by such negligence may result in financial liability.
  • To report all claims to the board. The board clarifies whether there is insurance cover for the damage and checks whether the building may be damaged.
  • Limiting the damage, for example contacting a plumber to stop a leak.
  • The owner must apply to the board/general meeting for permission to make interventions in external walls/outdoor areas, such as erecting awnings, cladding, living walls, satellite dishes, heat pumps or the like.
  • That outdoor areas outside the apartment which are fenced are maintained. All other outdoor areas are maintained by a caretaker. This includes lawns that are directly outside the apartment where the lawn is not fenced.
  • Car washing takes place in marked areas and that environmentally friendly detergents are used.
4. Common areas
Residents are encouraged to keep the housing association's property clean and tidy, including the common areas.

Rubbish bins are only intended for household waste. Paper is sorted and disposed of in separate containers. Glass and other dangerous objects are also thrown into separate containers for this purpose. Waste must not be left outside the bins.

Common areas are kept free of objects belonging to the residents. Pushchairs and bicycles can, however, be placed in designated spaces.

Food must not be placed on the housing association's premises, as this can easily attract rats and mice to the homes.

Communal doors must always be locked. The light is switched off after use in the attic and basement.

5. Driving and parking
If the housing association has introduced specific areas for parking and driving motor vehicles, these are used. Those who may have been allocated a garage or their own space, first use it before using the communal car park. Driving and parking in courtyards, footpaths and cycle paths is not permitted, except for necessary commercial driving.

Use of the garage must be done with care so that there are no dangers or damage to people, other vehicles or the facility in general.
Car repairs must not take place. The use of spray cans, paint and tectyl etc. must not occur. It is also not permitted to use spark- or flame-producing equipment. The unit owners must ensure that there are no oil leaks from the car so that the garage floor is avoided. Exceptions are minor maintenance work, such as changing spark plugs, light bulbs and changing wheels. The same applies to housing and interior cleaning.

Unit owners are responsible for damages caused to others.
Unit owners can rent parking spaces to other unit owners in Borettslaget Eikeberget.

6. Animal husbandry
Animals are allowed in the housing association on the condition that the owner accepts the housing association's rules for keeping animals. A signed declaration about animal husbandry is attached to the application.

7. Fire protection
In accordance with regulations on fire prevention measures, the housing association must ensure that the building