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New ventilation for all residents

Dear neighbors

First, the chairman of the board, on behalf of the board, would like to apologize that there has been little information regarding the start-up and progress regarding new ventilation. Sorry!

Start-up is set for 19 August. The reason for the postponed start is errors that have been discovered in the contract, which have had to be corrected so that we get what was originally agreed upon for entering into the agreement.
Due to a new contract and summer holidays, start-up has been postponed.

Construction in the Apartment:
The contractor (Br. Lie) has this information regarding contrsuction in the apartments:
The old pipes for exhaust air will be reused. These will not be removed unless the pipes MUST be replaced.
New pipes for supply air will be laid, with new inlets together with the old inlets.
Where ceelings have to be opened in bathrooms, we are assured that the ceeling will be built back as they were before the demolition.
In those apartments that have 2 floors, core drilling in the concrete will be carried out between the floors.

Where does the work start?
The work will start in the upper Elgefaret (Elgefaret 3) and will finish with the Elgefaret before the work continues further up in Hjortestien.
The priority has been set by the board based on where there have been the most inquiries about completely or partially defective ventilation, and that the implementation must be done systematically.
See picture at the top of the page for visualization.

What must I do as a resident after the work is finished?
After Br.Lie is finished, we recommend going over your apartment. If there is work that has not been carried out properly, or if damage has been done to the apartment, the board must be notified as soon as possible so that this can be taken up with Br.Lie.
The board also wants to take random inspections along the way to see that the work is propher and as planed.

Update along the way:
Bate and Bro. Lie will have progress meetings every 2 weeks during the project.
Progress will be reported further to the board.
This information will be passed on to the residents through our websites.

Ventilation and indoor climate:
We have received complaints that the apartments are not airtight. Flexit has pointed out that the apartments should not be completely sealed, but rather "breathe". This is important for maintaining a good indoor climate.
If anyone has any questions about this please get in touch and we will be happy to provide more information.

The project's advantages:
For those who experience problems with condensation or humidity in their apartments due to poor indoor climate or thermal bridges, this project will be of great help.

General meeting and amendments to the Articles of Association:
Amendments to the articles of association will be proposed at the next general meeting regarding a new ventilation system. It is important that everyone takes part in this decision-making process.

Maintenance and Responsibility:
We remind you that maintenance of the ventilation system is the responsibility of the resident. It is important to ensure that the filter is changed annually to maintain the system's efficiency. Those who switch off the ventilation and thereby cause damage to the apartments will not be covered by the board for renovation. Please switch off at your own risk and follow the maintenance guidelines.

We thank you for your attention and cooperation. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the board. Together, we can ensure a safe and pleasant shared ownership for everyone.

With best regards,


Q: When will the project start?
A: Start-up is set for August 2024

Q: How does this affect my apartment?
A: Some of the apartments have been changed or renovated over time. Brødrene Lie will work with residents to find the best solution.

Q: What will be the total cost of the project.
A: When starting such projects, there will always be some unknown factors.
 The final sum as it stands today is NOK 20 million including VAT.
 The total cost can go up and down somewhat, depending on whether they use more pipe parts, less pipe parts or other unknown factors.
 The board, through Bate, has included most eventualities in the calculation when the contract for the project is signed.

Q: Will I be able to use the ventilation as a heat source?
A: The ventilation has no heat source integrated. But unlike today's exhaust system that draws air and heat out of the apartments,
 the new ventilation will recover the heat that is in the apartments so that heating costs will be lower. If you want more affordable heating than a panel oven or similarl, an AC must be installed. Have a look here for more information about or AC offer with ACsentert

You can find the presentation from the information meeting here

If there are more questions, feel free to send them to styret@eikeberget.no
New questions will be updated on the page as soon as we have answers.